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The Creactive project included several videos including, marketing videos, explainer videos and a promo video to promote their Data management software solutions. This was no simple task as our writers had to decipher complex industry terms and simplify it for video format. In addition, Creactives also sought out unique web solutions. Our web developers radically redesigned their website and gave it a fresh modern look congruent with current standards in web development. Additional “on page seo” was implemented to elevate the efficacy of the marketing efforts.

Home Protection Package

Brandsmark worked on several marketing videos for “Claire”, a unique company that utilizes smart technology to make your house safer and smarter. In total, our stellar video production team created more than six marketing videos and created “Claire”, the iconic virtual representation of the company for their video marketing efforts. The full scope of the video production allowed the company to reach new demographics and easily explain why and how their services work.

MG Prompts

Another project from the Creactive family, MG Prompt was one of their more complicated projects. This universal data management software was a challenging concept to explain for Creactives’ clients. With the help of the Brandsmark video production team, we were able to condense pages of information in a informative video to help drive lead generation for the company while reaching larger demographics through the simplification of a complex idea.

Tuned Infographics

Brandsmark worked with “Tuned Global” a company with a highly targeted audience and required to reflect the “wants and needs” of thus said demographic. With a heavy focus on grabbing the attention of “millennials”, Brandsmark’s video production team had to create a highly engaging and memorable video that resonated with the ideals of the targeted audience. The promo video exceeded all expectations of Tuned Global and assisted with their lead generation efforts.

Cyber Security

Above Security is a firm that works with other companies to protect them from virtual threats. With a difficult concept to explain, the Brandsmark team used their creative prowess to simplify the message and deliver it in an engaging way with a killer video. Brandsmark can turn even the most difficult concepts into easy to swallow entertaining bits of video.

Clare Controls

As part of the “Claire series” of videos created by the Brandsmark video production team, “Claire Controls” acts as a quick explainer video for potential customers. By using the lead character “Claire” to explain the efficacy of the app and the interconnectivity of “smart appliances” within a prospective client’s house, the Brandsmark team managed to create a highly engaging and entertaining video that achieved all client specifications. As mentioned, Brandsmark ended up doing six videos for the company due to the effective results our video production yields.


The importance of a highly effective website cannot be stressed enough. The people at Altizon needed a highly responsive website that worked across many different platforms. Brandsmark’s developers took to the task and created a quick loading, lead generating modern web design that has helped Altizon gain new prospects and engage their target audience.


Brandsmark works with many different brands in many different niches. Casefox is a company that provides an application giving you access to automatic accounting. They needed a website that was simple yet elegant of which the Brandsmark team created. Casefox has since used the website as a point of sale and educates their customers on their product through this portal.


Modern Web Design is a mesh of science and art. Understanding the elements of inbound marketing, your website requires a mix of stellar design that caters to both search bots and readers alike, as well as killer copy to drive in conversions. The Brandsmark team delivered just that with the Appinsight website. Highly responsive and a definite lead magnet makes this website an asset to Appinsights marketing efforts.


Some websites are more complex than others. This is definitely the case with DSCPlus as they offer a wide range of services and solutions to their customers. They approached the Brandsmark team with the request of turning their old website into a highly responsive, educational portal that can help drive up lead generation. Our developers and copy writers got to work and created a masterpiece of a site. The DSCPlus team was thoroughly pleased with the results.


EzeeBurrp is a restaurant management solution that has the ability to merge all the data from multiple locations into one easy to use interface. This complicated concept was the challenge the Brandsmark video team had to simplify. Through the power of careful scripting, stylized animation and an up to beat voice over, the team managed to create a simple two minute video that covers all the important aspects of their service. EzeeBurrp was very satisfied with the end product.


Javosize is an application that speeds up IT problems. To explain it here would be pointless as the information is quite extensive. The people at Javosize realized the same truth and approach the Brandsmark team to help them come up with a solution. Brandsmark took their complicated topic, and used the power of interactive storytelling to help sell the idea. Since then the people at Javosize saw an increase in their lead generation efforts.


RenoAssistance is a platform that allows individuals to search for home reparation professionals based on ratings in their area. To help sell this service, Brandsmark helped create an interactive video to explain the concept in an engaging manner. What’s more, Brandsmark did all of this in French. We have the ability to create video in any desired language. We’ll find the script writers, voice overs and do all the heavy lifting on your behalf.


A concept to energize the workforce, reduce health related issues and increase productivity. Voom is a program to get employees fit. They needed a killer looking website to help them reach new clients. The Brandsmark team got together with copy writers, and developed a modern looking website that appeals to both search engines and readers alike. A stellar execution of the principles of inbound marketing.


Zerohero is a second tier ticket selling platform. The owners of the company required a website where people could browse for thousands of tickets, meaning some complex coding was involved. Brandsmark delivered a flawless execution and a fully functional website that caters to the needs of search bots as well as users themselves. Our developers produced the end results in record time.

Nuren Group

The Nuren Group required two separate videos from Brandsmark. One focused on their wedding website and the other focused on the Motherhood website. Both videos were in different formats as well. The wedding video was a “live action montage” which told the story of a wedding from different perspectives. The motherhood video was designed to cater to new parents and was animated. Humor was used as a marketing tactic and the Nuren Group was well pleased with the final results.


A cutting edge brand requires a cutting edge website. Brandsmark delivered a fully functional, highly responsive modern web design that became a marketing asset to the company. Providing an interactive platform, potential customers can explore their options and with well-placed calls to action, Merchantocracy is finding an increase in their lead generating efforts.
What Our Client Says
  • Andrea Mehanna

    I have worked with many different companies in the past and by far Brandsmark is one of the best. With a flawless approach to understanding your project, this company helped me achieve my vision for my latest product launch, but more importantly gave me useful input and tips to make my efforts even more successful. I highly recommend these guys!

  • Eric Soltanoff

    I loved working with Brandsmark! The entire experience was quite professional, however you still felt like these guys were a part of YOUR team. It was such an organic experience and the turnaround was stellar. When they said something was going to completed by “X” date…it would usually be done a day or two ahead of schedule. If you want the job done right…go with Brandsmark.

  • Marie-Josee Beaudoin

    I found Brandsmark by accident really, but what a wonderful accident. After getting in touch with Taher and his team, I quickly understood that these guys could help me take my business to the next level. Apart from amazing video production work, they also helped me with my site. Their modern web design approach and intimate knowledge of on page seo allowed my site to finally rank for a few significant keywords. The Brandsmark team will definitely help you expand your business!

  • Michael

    I was quite surprised that the Brandsmark team is so diverse. It’s actually a refreshing experience because every team member added in their unique perspective to my project. In the end, I had a video that resonated with a wide demographic and helped drive in new leads to my business. For people looking for a global approach to their marketing efforts, Brandsmark is the company to contact!

  • Stephen Elliott

    We’ve decided to completely rely on Brandsmark for all our marketing endeavors. Not only did they create a killer video for me (this was our first project), but they have revolutionized my social media feeds, increased my seo value and since I started working with them I could see my organic reach increase. Every single dollar I spent on Brandsmark was a dollar well spent. The return on investment is amazing!

  • Vinay Nathan

    Some web programming jobs are incredibly complex. Fortunately, the people at Brandsmark has some of the finest web developers who know how to mesh modern web design with web marketing in general and combine these elements to create a web presence that truly exceeds expectation. With a quick turnaround and great execution from the Brandsmark team, I can definitely say that your project is in good hands when Taher and his people get ahold of it.

  • Eric Perigny

    I’ve been working online for many years now and have had the pleasure and displeasure of working with many different companies in the past. Brandsmark as a web development company is definitely a pleasure to work with. Having a versatile staff and the ability to work across all time zones, I find that if you want a job done right, you go with Brandsmark.

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3. Development
We begin the actual production of your project. Whether this means creating video or actually coding your website, we keep our clients in the loop every step of the way.
4. The Extra Mile
Once we have completed the project, we continue to think of new innovative ways to make your project more successful and exceed your expectations.
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