Tell an Engaging Story About your Brand or Product!

Process of making Video

In order for us to understand your project better, we provide you with a short questionnaire to set the baseline for your project. It gives us clear objectives and project requirements.

Kick off call

Our creative production crew connects with your team to understand the core of your business and find the best way to tell you brand story.. By becoming totally familiar with your company and your needs, we can help you develop your best message.


With all the information available, we move onto the script writing process. This acts as the blueprint for the next phases and gives you the finalized message that will resonate with your target audience. You have unlimited revisions in this stage


Once the script has been finalized, we move onto the voice talent. We personally handpick a selection of voice over talents that work best with your target market and that can represent the “voice” of your brand!


Now that the Voice over has been recorded, we begin to construct the visuals of your video. This will include the style and tone of your final video. We design each part of the storyboard frame by frame in order to hit the sweet spot in terms of visuals.

Animation and Music Direction

Now that we have established the script, voice over and storyboard, it’s time to animate. Our motion designers will turn each frame into a dynamic masterpiece accompanied by brand specific music to accentuate the desired marketing message. This influences buyer behavior and drives up conversions.

Final Delivery

Once the final product has been approved, it's all yours to Share, enjoy and watch your business flourish.Once we have completed all stages, we put it all together and get it ready for delivery allowing you to use it in your marketing strategy immediately.

Styles of Video
Character Animation
White Board Animation